Friday, 29 July 2011


I wasn't going to do another post but this is just too exciting not to mention.

...A few weeks ago one of our kittens went missing and we had no idea what happened to it, then today when my daddy and I were outside we heard a cat meowing extremely loudly so, of course, went to investigate! The sound was coming from a vacated barn conversion across the road that used to house tonnes of wild cats, so we expected to find a rather large stray. I tapped the front window and saw the upstairs curtain move and who appeared but my kitten!

I was so happy that she was alive! I had preyed everyday for the three weeks that she was missing, but there was a problem, how to get her out! Firstly, we had no idea how she got inside in the first place unless a door was open. We noticed a new letter box and padlocks on the door so that could only mean she was locked in by the people that changed them! (An RSPCA report will be filed if I find out who!) Her cries were so loud it was heartbreaking to hear :(

Eventually we found a hole in some boarding covering a window and she came to our voices. When we got her out she was skin and bone! We most certainly found her in the nick of time! We assume she had been living on mice otherwise she wouldn't be alive, but she recognised us and was almost tripping me as we brought walked her back across the road to our house.

We took turns making sure she was doing ok, she was eating and drinking well and just wanted a snuggle, so seems on the way to recovery :) (Her meow is so loud that even the older "boss" cats were scared of her!)

Her brother seemed content to welcome her back, however her mummy and sister were hissing at her, (most likely because of how loud she was and her smell,) but I'm hoping they will soon accept her back into the family as they were all so close before.

I knew in my heart that she was still alive, I'm very close to any pets we have but more so the cats, they seem to gravitate towards me, (especially the mummy as she wouldn't go near anyone else (she was wild when she brought her newborn kittens to us)). We've had other cats disappear, which they usually do when they're older and find somewhere to rest for the last time, and I subconsciously know when this has happened. I sent all the energy I could to the universe and the gods to find her because she had to still be in this relm and she was :)

Mog back on my knee where she belongs :)

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