Monday, 25 July 2011

Pai Skincare Review!

I bought trial sizes of Pai's cleanser and one of their skin creams and have been using them both for over a month so thought it was about time for a review. Firstly, these products have lasted for a very long time, even now they're not even half gone! Secondly, they have quite a strong floral smell at first, which you get used to after a few uses. The smell doesn't last on the skin however, it fades as you rub it in.

Pai Camellia & Rose Organic Cleanser

I used this at night about once a week by massaging it into my skin, leaving for a while so it could get to work, then removing it with warm, damp cotton pads then I splashed my face with cooler water to close the pores. I didn't use it that often only because I always forget about doing my night time skincare routine (or there's something really good on tv), but from the times I have used this product it has been lovely. It leaves skin soft, smooth and it feels hydrated, not tight like I find other cream or milk cleansers do. I will most likely buy some more trial sizes before deciding for certain if I will make this my new evening cleanser.

Ingredients rose water*, water, camellia oil*, castor oil*, sweet almond oil*, coconut and corn-derived emulsifier, shea butter*, vegetable glycerine*, natural vitamin e, corn extract, manuka oil, rosemary extract*, basil extract, lavender oil*, geranium oil*, may chang oil*, rose oil*, lactic acid. (*Certified organic ingredient. This organic cleanser is certified organic by the Soil Association under their organic beauty standards.)

Pai Organic Chamomile & Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream

Like my hair my skin doesn't know what it's at! As I'm a teenager my skin is more combination, not just of oily and dry but of sensitive too. After a year of being ill my skin had taken the toll, becoming extremely pale and often very dry with patches of discolouration and pigmentation, particularly on my cheeks. Areas like my forehead and between my eyebrows can get very dry and flaky, (which is rather annoying) but can end up quite oily by the end of the day. This skin cream has definitely helped my skin dilemma. As I've mentioned, I've barely used any so a little goes along way even though the cream is quite thick at first it melts on contact with the skin to cover a large area. I find most moisturisers to be too heavy, where they stay on the skin for a long time or too light, so they are not able to moisturise the dry parts as well as I would like them to. This product is in the middle; it's thick enough the moisturise anywhere that really needs it but still absorbs quickly into the skin (which is a bonus as I've started wearing mineral foundation.) This was the only skin cream sample I've been able to try so far as others have been out of stock. I'm particularly interested in trying the cream for combination skin to see how it compares, but if I don't think much of it this will be my new staple moisturiser!

Ingredients: purified water, chamomile water*, apricot kernel oil*, corn-based emulsifier, jojoba oil*, rosehip oil*, thistle oil*, shea butter*, vegetable glycerine*, natural vitamin e, chamomile extract*, rosehip seed extract, corn extract, manuka oil*, rosemary antioxidant*, lavender oil*, neroli oil*, rose geranium oil*, basil extract, lactic acid. (* = Certified Organic Ingredient)                              

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