Saturday, 9 July 2011

Someone's Trying To Tell Me Something!

After seeing those 12 spiders a few nights ago I've been pondering the changes I am currently making and can still make in my life. I hadn't noticed the spiders since then, they were tucked away during the day, and just as I was closing my curtains this evening, there they were again! I counted and it was still 12! I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what choices I'm meant to be making and how they will affect the web of life, perhaps this is why the message is still being sent to me.

A few weeks ago when I was in an exam a money spider dropped down onto my paper. I find money spiders soo cute because of their size, and fond it strange that it would let itself down on a strand from a ceiling that's two stories high! The chances of it landing on my tiny desk among hundreds was so small I definitely took it as a sign.At the time I assumed it had something to do with my exams as they weren't over, perhaps telling me to make the choice to work harder or revise more, but now that the number and size of the spiders has increased I'm worried that there is an urgent matter to be addressed but I am unable to see what it is. Maybe it's staring me in the face or I'm currently going through it and I'll know which choice is right, but for now I have been left thoroughly perplexed.

Blessed Be! xx

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