Saturday, 2 July 2011

Message From The Universe!

I was out on the balcony this evening having a moment with nature, pets gathered round, (which isn't that odd.) When I turned to go back inside I felt beyond calm and just plain good! Anyway, when I got to my room and was closing the curtains I happened to spot a spider outside in the top corner of the window and as I moved my eyes across I saw another, and another... and another! In total there were 12 spiders, all relatively small, equally spaced out, seemingly of the same breed, individual webs joined. After a moment of pondering this sight I, of course, began researching the meaning.

When spiders appear matters of choice are to be addressed; how your choices are affecting the web of life, the people in it and how can they improve this grand design? As there were twelve in total I of course believed this to be a serious matter to address, it definitely caught my attention! Twelve is a number used so commonly but the reason is unknown; there are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, two sets of 12 hours in a day, 12 inches in a foot. Twelve is said to be a number of space and time. It corresponds to the Hanged Man Tarot which represents letting go of troublesome parts of your being so you can just be.

I believe that together this message means to sacrifice the things that act as a hindrance to better help the earth, other people and myself. We're all in this world together, to take care of it, appreciate it, and to live as one universal being. Like the spiders weave a magnificent web, we too should work together to make this world an ideal home, where we can live together in peace, harmony. We rely on the earth and other people as they rely on us, no matter what race, religion, age or gender, each choice we make affects every living energy around us. Know that the actions you perform, for good or bad, have equal reactions, so be sure you can live with the consequences.

Blessed Be! xx

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