Friday, 29 July 2011

See Ya!

I'm going off on holidays for a week tomorrow so won't be doing any more posts until I'm back. I'm not going far, just to the north coast of Northern Ireland but we have many fun activities planned; body boarding, surfing, visiting National Trust sites as well as other things we'll find to do along the way. I'm also glad to be going back to Blue Moon, a sort of metaphysical shop in Portrush which sells beautiful clothing and jewellery as well as books, incense, CDs and a whole array of other pagan-y stuff!

I'll be taking LOADS of pictures so I can share my experiences, some old and some new (hopefully), so until then, Blessed Be! xx

p.s. I hope everyone has had/is having/is yet to have a wonderful holiday, I'd love to know what you get up too when you have some time off, so let me know!

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