Thursday, 11 August 2011

NOTD: Nails Of The Day!

Tonight it's... O.P.I.'s Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow SUEDE!

at night with indoor lighting and camera flash
The orignal Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow is one of my most favourite shades so when I saw that it was available in a matte or "suede" version I had to get it! While the suede range are based on other classic colours they don't tend to be anywhere near the same shade. For a matte polish it is actually full of sparkle which is really pretty! As I've only put this on tonight I can't be 100% in describing the colour, it could be lighter in natural light but I'll redraft this tomorrow. (I was just too excited to share this colour before then!)

I am also going to photograph the polish with a top cot as I've seen pictures of this and it looks amazing! I just hope it will be as fabulous in real life.

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