Monday, 15 August 2011

Monday Blues?

Today has been a rather strange day. I didn't get up until 3! No I'm not being lazy, my body clock has completely reversed so I'm up most of the night and asleep all day :/ (I need to sort that out before I go back to school!) My cold or other random infection had started going away and has decided today that it would worsen again which is just great...

Needless to say I've been feeling pretty sick and snappy lately. Tonight however, I got a random must-clean-everything-in-sight mood! I started on my bedroom which was meant to be decorated this summer but it isn't looking likely with the amount of tidying left to be done. I cleaned my bathroom and then from some time after 10 until just after 11 I started on the kitchen; filling the dishwasher, going through cupboards, washing down the island and getting dishes ready to wash tomorrow. Usually I need to be asked to do this stuff but I went on my whim and got as much done as possible. I've also been eating really healthily today, (bar 2 squares of 70% cocoa dark chocolate), but other than that I've been good and drinking loads of water. Although my sickness is all over the place I'm determined not to let it put me off track!

I guess the moral of this story is even if you are feeling a bit off, physically or emotionally, find something productive to spend your time on. It will not only keep your mind off what's bothering you but you'll feel better that you've set a goal and accomplished it! Hey, it might be something really mundane like cleaning but it definitely works!

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