Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Is It Really Still Summer? (And I Want To Know What YOU Think!)

These past few days have had me questioning that... Take tonight for example, I'm sitting here drinking a hot chocolate, (I'm being healthy with what I eat, I swear!) with wooly socks on and nursing the onset of a cold or some other related illness?! I also managed to pick up a sniffle while I was on holiday, (the weather was hot and humid everyday), how is that even possible?! It left me after two days but I gave it to my brother and he had it for almost a week!

Anyway, I have definitely moved on from summer, at home it's been rainy and cold, (although I don't mind), and I've even been craving soup! I thought as I probably won't sleep tonight, (it's a quarter to 1 and my nose isn't showing any sign of not running), I thought I'd do a few posts or at least get some drafts done to post at a later date, whilst letting the echinacea take effect.

If there's something anyone would like me to post about let me know! I'm always open to new ideas and don't want to feel like you have to read whatever I post. I'd rather post the things you're interested in; more reviews? my crystal and oil collection and their properties? ritual or prayer ideas? my cooking ventures?

I feel this would help me to better connect to you, after all I have this blog in the hopes to inform as well as to share and learn from others. Blessed Be! xx

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