Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Green Tea Facial

I had a whole packet of green tea in the house but I wasn't that fond of it so needed to think up a way to make some use out of it. I knew green tea was good for your skin on the inside but how about on the outside? I quickly discovered some recipes for green tea scrubs/face washes with recurring ingredients. I finally decided to try it out tonight and the results amazed me! It left my skin far softer and smoother than any cleanser or scrub I've used before and reduced the redness of my complexion. So, obviously, I knew I had to share this miracle concoction with you lovely ladies!

With the results I've gotten from just one application I have high hopes for my skin in the coming weeks of usage as my complexion has been less than desirable this past while. I think it's best to start with mentioning the properties of the ingredients that make them ideal to be included in skincare.

Firstly, and obviously is green tea. Green tea contains potent antioxidants which help to fight damage from free radicals. It neutralises the damage caused by UV light and reduces the risk of sunburn, hence preventing premature ageing and the risk of developing skin cancer. It also helps to rejuvenate skin cells and improve elasticity in the skin. Green tea is especially good for those with acne or skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea and dandruff as it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Green tea catechins are anti-bacterial and can decrease hormone activity. It can also lighten skin tone and improve the overall appearances of those with hyper-pigmentation or redness.

The next ingredient I used was granulated sugar. As a natural exfoliant, sugar removes dead surface skin cells, encouraging cell renewal and restore the natural brightness of the skin, giving you a glow from within. It helps to remove blemishes without clogging the pores and restores the balance of the oils in the skin.

Finally I used honey for it's ability to absorb and retain moisture, leaving the skin feeling hydrated. Honey also has anti-microbial and antioxidant properties so can be used to treat sunburn, minor skin irritations and also prevents further damage from the sun which could otherwise lead to premature ageing.

So, onto the...recipe? It sounds like a strange word to use for this but anywho...

Fill a bowl with warm or recently boiled water, (depending on how much you want to make,) and steep one or two green teabag(s) for a few minutes. Squeeze the moisture out of the tea bag into the bowl so you get as much of the green tea in as possible. (You can use the teabags on your eyes to improve dark circles when they are cool.)

Add the sugar when the water is lukewarm. (If the water is too hot the sugar will automatically dissolve so you'll have a face wash rather than a scrub.) Add the honey and leave for a few minutes for the ingredients to infuse together. Mix the ingredients together until they are incorporated. (Don't mix too much or the sugar will dissolve!) Use as much or as little ingredients as you want, until you get the consistency that you like.

Scoop the sugar portion at the bottom and gently massage into the skin. Leave for a minute and then remove with a damp cotton pad. Dip a clean cotton pad into the liquid portion and wipe over the face,(don't forget your neck!) leaving for a few minutes to sink in the remove with another clean damp cotton pad and splash face with cool water to close pores and remove excess. Pat skin dry and feel the softness! Then finish with your moisturiser.

Wrap any left over in cling film and keep in the fridge. Adding more sugar the next day if necessary. I'm not sure how long it would keep for but you can always use the rest on your body as it would have similar effects on the skin. Enjoy!

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