Thursday, 11 August 2011

Being Truely Faithful

I was thinking about religion earlier and just recalled an incident in my religious studies class a few months ago, (it should be called Christianity studies, but more on that another time.)

I think the topic we were covering was about the Kingdom of God and God's plans for each individual. The person I sat beside however said something that I found very odd, which was that they aren't ready to accept death at any time, although it may be God's wish. I felt it only natural to speculate my confusion, as I found it strange that a Christian was not ready to meet their God when their life is spent earning a way to heaven. For many religions life's purpose is to reach some sort of afterlife with their deity(ies). I'm not saying this to criticize other religious people; I believe all faiths are created equal and so are equally valid and deserving of followers. My teacher admitted that he too was not ready to die at any given moment  but also agreed with my view that it is strange that they would say that.

Anyway that was a strange little thought I was having and wanted to share. I think it was quite an interesting situation which I couldn't quite get my head around, anyone else think so? Blessed Be! xx

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