Sunday, 6 November 2011

Another Turn Of The Wheel

I could have swore last week was only the beginning of October, but alas November is here! I really love the autumn-to-winter transition period; the warm clothes, cozy fire, chill air and morning frost... what's not to love!

I didn't get anywhere near as many posts as I would have liked last month due to illness and school work but as they sill tie in with the theme of the dark half of the year I'm sure I can still post them in the coming weeks. I'm also getting involved in two Yule Themed Blog Parties; The Witches Yuletide Ball on Dec. 10th hosted by On The BroomstickWitch Of Howling Creek, and Yuletide Blessings 2011 Blog Party on Dec. 18th hosted by Astraea Sapphire's Almanac. Blog parties are so much fun and a great way to find other bloggers with similar interests, I encourage you all to join in with the fun, even if it's something small. Who knows, maybe one day you might host your own blog party (I know I want to.)

For now I'm going to be working on the posts for the blog parties as well as trying out some recipes and crafts for yule. I didn't have much time for Samhain preparations but I want to have everything well underway for Yule before December even starts. Blessings to you all, Hannah xx


  1. I've marked the dates on my calendar. Looking forward to your post.

  2. Thank you Carmen, I've started putting ideas together! See you at the blog hops :)