Saturday, 12 November 2011

Halloween LUSH Haul

I (finally) got my camera back so can share some of my recent purchases!

I made my first ever purchase from the Lush website (despite there being a store in Belfast that I've never been in) the week before Samhain. I've heard a lot of good reviews about Lush's products so thought I'd give them a go!

Skullduggery Bath Ballistic, Pumpkin Knot-Wrap, Potion Retro Body Lotion, Ghost Retro Shower Gel, Flying Fox Shower Gel, Brimstone Body Scrub & Bewitched Retro Massage Bar.

Skullduggery Bath Ballistic
"Skullduggery is an eerie but magical celebration for your bathtub. We used brightening and refreshing lime and neroli for the fragrance and olibanum (also known as frankincense resinoid) to help that citrusy smell stay on your skin until the witching hour and beyond. 

Lime oil is a popular ingredient in remedies to combat congested skin, cellulite or simply to wake you up!
We use expensive neroli oil as it is one of the few essential oils to be scientifically proven to increase serotonin production in the brain - Arriba!

Olibanum resinoid, otherwise known as frankincense, has a woody, slightly fruity aroma and covers the skin with a thin, protective film, softening the skin. It is extremely effective on sore, cracked, de-hydrated skin." I really like the smell of this one and intend to buy more soon before they're gone until next year!

Pumpkin-Knot Wrap
"Turn every ballistic into a Halloween treat with this neat knot-wrapping trick." I thought this wrap would be a cute addition to my Samhain decor. I it also came with a card of ways to use it in other ways, similar to the Japanese style of using scarves as bags. (Our Japanese teacher actually showed us one the week before I purchased this!)

Potion - Exquisitely Perfumed Body Lotion

"The sexy scent of carnations wafts from your supremely soft skin after moisturising with Potion Lotion. It's a bewitching concoction full of luscious and smoothing ingredients; a light touch of almond oil and cocoa butter to soften, with rose petal infusion and toning tangerine. We want to smell like Potion all the time, so we take it everywhere we go and smooth it on (it's especially nice as an after sun lotion too).

A magical blend of natural oils, tangerine, carnation and rose to tone, soften and condition your skin. To refresh, smooth and rejuvenate. (Essential if you're over 20 and when you've caught the sun.)" I actually am not very fond of this lotion, it works fine but the scent is too overpowering for me. What I assume is the scent of carnations is very like cinnamon, which I hate the smell of (why around the holidays does everywhere smell of cinnamon?! :( ) I'll probably give this to my mummy.

Ghost - Shower Gel for Body and Hair
"The season of spooks is upon us, and with it comes our very own spectre – the gorgeous Ghost shower gel. Pure white and carrying a subtle shimmer, this is one phantom you won’t want to exorcise.
Ghost brings with it the haunting aroma of lilies, jasmine, ylang ylang and neroli – the same fragrance as that found in our lovely Liliy Savon soap. It’s made with rose water and dove orchid infusion, a beautiful combination that’s mild and gentle on the skin.

Ghost’s thick creamy texture is made even more luxurious with the addition of jojoba oil, to gently moisturise and soften. We’ve even added a soupcon of white wine vinegar, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to use shower gel on your hair too, you’ll find it should have a little extra shine (don’t worry, you won’t smell it!).

Spiritually uplifting, shimmery white shower gel, with the haunting scent of lilies. Don't get into the shower alone." I'm on the fence about the scent of this shower gel, it's quite powedery and floral. Not awful but not great either.

Flying Fox - The Sex-Appeal Honey Shower Gel
"You can use Flying Fox at any time of the month, but it’s especially good at The Time of the Month, because we’ve added the top essential oils for calming PMT. Use this for washing your hair too and get those essentials oils wafting with every flick.

There are times when you want to feel sexy in body and mind. 

This magic gel is crammed full of specialist honeys from around the world that will make your skin feel great. We then added the sexiest perfume we could, packed with aphrodisiac essential oils to set you on the rampage!

Lascivious, licentious, vivacious, and insatiable. With the finest aphrodisiac essential oils - masses of jasmine! (Plus the best three for controlling PMS)." An intoxicating scent of honey and jasmine, good enough to eat! Who doesn't want to feel like a goddess who's bathed in honey?

Brimstone Body Scrub
"Don't worry; the apocalypse isn't coming quite yet. Brimstone was inspired by our UK team member Shakira's visit to St. Lucia, where they use sulphur for all manner of skin complaints. Brimstone is a deeply fragrant, hardcore body scrub, with natural sulphur to condition the skin and keep it clear of problems.

Sulphur has been used to treat skin problems for hundreds of years.

Sulphur, Sea Salt, Hemp oil and Jasmine - A scrub to soften the roughest of skins." I confess I was a bit suprised to sea sulphur in a body scrub but after learning that it is safe and effective I decided to get it and give it a go. I've never used a solid scrub before so it'll be a new experience for me.

Bewitched Massage Bar
"We make Bewitched with essential oils to help to bring you closer: violet leaf is said to restore the bonds of friendship, lime oil to help get rid of apathy, cedarwood to stop people straying and chamomile to get your massagee to forget the past. Bewitched is made with knobbly bits on one side; smooth it all over your favourite person's body to give him or her a bewitching experience. It's like having two strong hands firmly working magic on your muscles!" I used to hate getting massages (what kind of crazy person doesn't like getting a massage?!) I think it's because I was so tense and the hurt but after a few years of going to osteopaths, physiotherapist and acupressurists I've been converted. This bar smells lovely so I can't wait to get using it (I could be doing with a massage now!)

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