Monday, 28 November 2011

December Plans

The season of yuletide is almost upon us! (I've promised myself no decorating or seasonal themed music until December 1st! including not changing my blog background!) Before I inform you of my plans for the coming month I'd like to say thank you for subscribing, I've now reached 20 followers, which to me is is a lot as I didn't think I'd even get one let alone anyone finding my blog but thank you all :)

December is going to be a busy month for me, 3 blog parties which you can find more info about in the side bar and in the previous few posts. I've also got my school's Winter Ball on the 14th (and I'll put some photos up!) and my piano exam the day after :(

Winter is a time that I feel most connected to the earth and the elements. Everything about it is so magical. I'm particularly looking forward to the snow and working with SkaĆ°i as I'm being more and more drawn to the Norse pantheon. Hopefully I'll get some snow magic in there too, but I shall save that for one of my blog party posts. I hope you all have had a wonderful autumn and a magical Yule! Hannah xx


  1. So many pretty pictures! Love the little kittys!xxx