Monday, 31 October 2011

Witches Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon 2011

 I know, I know! I'm a day late, eeeeeek! But my brother forgot to bring my camera home from uni so I had to have my party today instead (Samhain.) It's good in a way as I won't have to go mad baking on two days, although I did start my baking preparations on Sunday. I've been up since the crack of dawn whizzing around the kitchen, decorating and sorting out my ritual but it's all been worth it :) Check out the other bloggers who joined in with the party hosted by Frosted Petunias here: Witches Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon.

Come in, come in and sit for a spell, I promise that I will treat you well!

Willow is here to join in with the fun... watch she doesn't try to steal your bun!

The table is set with an arrays of delights, I hope you have a fantastic night!

Oh dear, oh dear I can't see what is going on! Perhaps somebody should turn a light on?

Ah that's better, now what would you like? A red velvet cupcake? It might give you a fright!

I see you eyeing up the chocolate chunk pecan pie, if you want to sneak a piece off you'll just have to try!

Maybe you were hoping to get some cheesecake? From all the photos it managed to escape!

There's sticky apple gingerbread and pecan loaf too, with melted butter it turns into goo!

The party this evening has been so much fun, I am sorry to say that for this year it is done!

I had a great time baking for my first blogger party & hope to join in with more in the future!
Have a Blessed Samhain :)


  1. Lovely tea party! And there is no such thing as late for a witch. A witch, like a wizard, is never late... she arrives exactly when she means too! Your dining table is exactly what I've been looking for... too bad I can't just print it out! Wouldn't that be magic! Hope you had a Happy Samhain! Blessings~EMD

  2. AHAAA I love LOTR! And thank you! I spent ten hours in the kitchen but it was worth it to spend time with my family who are both here and passed on. Blessings to you also!

  3. I'm a little late but I am so gald I stopped by!! Great party :)

  4. Thank you! Your witches hat painting for your party is amazing and I love the journals!