Saturday, 4 June 2011

Crystal Collection

I've always been fascinated by crystals and stones from a young age, I believe that everything has it's own spirit, and that's no exception for crystals that are millions of years old. I pick the ones that call to me. The specific shapes, colourings and sizes all have a part to play in which stone is right for you, but when you pick it up and feel it's energy, you'll know. So, to date these are the crystals that I own:

Clockwise from Quartz (far left), Apatite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Onyx, Goldstone, Citrine, Chalcedony, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, (The next three I am unsure of), Blue Goldstone.

 Most of the crystals I picked up in a crystal and jewellery shop in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. I got the Quartz and Amethyst with a magazine called Mind, Body, Spirit and I received the larger Rose Quartz as a gift from one of my mother's friends when I was ill. She is doing a crystal course and brought along the stones which I was unable to identify and there's a few guesses as to what they are, but if anyone can help, post a comment below as I would quite like to be sure of what they are. I'll post some close up's here:

Deep magenta coloured stone; possibly a Star Ruby?

Bright blue with dark blue lines; possibly a Chrysocolla?
This one is hard to describe, it's a sort of brownish, purpley red stone; possibly a Jasper?

Again I'd appreciate it if anyone could help to identify these stones, I've looked descriptions up online and in my crystal books but stones can come in a variety of colours and most only show a stone in it's most common colour, making it hard to distinguish one stone from another. Blessed Be! xx

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