Friday, 23 December 2011

A Year To Read

One of my resolution for the coming year is to make more time to read, so in light of this I've joined another reading challenge for 2012.

As fantasy books make up the majority of my collection I thought this was a suitable challenge to join as I need to get reading them! I'm opting for the Elf Level of 10 books but hopefully I'll get reading more than that. I hope you join in and challenge yourselves to read as much as you can next year :)


  1. Reading more books is a perennial new year's resolution for me. I used to be a voracious reader but then adulthood struck and I had to use my precious, precious time to earn a living. Rats!

    Good luck with "elf level"!

  2. It seems with so many gadgets now days finding time to read is difficult..But is there anything better than a good cup of tea...a cozy chair and a good book to while away a cold afternoon? Good luck on your challenge!!!

  3. That sounds like a day well spent in my opinion! Unfortunately the only books I'll have out for a while are school ones to revise from :(