Friday, 30 December 2011

A New Start

We all know the cliché new years resolutions that everyone keeps up for about  a week then drops but I thought I'd share mine anyway. Thankfully some of mine have been made into blog challenges so that should have some motivation. 2011 has been an odd year with many ups and downs but I do not wish to look back with any regrets, only to look forward to the year ahead with an open heart and mind. So, here are my resolutions!

1 Accept myself for being me. If you read my Yule Magic gift it was to let people know that they deserve to give themselves a chance. I had a habit of letting people get to me with nasty remarks but it's not me that needs to change, it's them.

2 Be healthy. I don't want to lose loads of weight and be a size zero, I'm happy with my curves. For me health is about feeling good mentally, physically and spiritually. Since my chronic cough, my immune system has been shot to pieces and I pick up everything, but I try not to let that get in my way. After suffering with a back injury for 3 or 4 years I really want to devote myself to strengthening my core muscles which will not only help me tone up, but prevent further injury.

4 Focus more on school. The last point ties in with this one in that my not so great health has an impact on my school performance. I still try to go to school as much as I can but sometimes it's not possible and I fall behind. This is an important year for school work and can determine whether or not I get to do the course at university that I want to.

3 Explore my path as a Pagan. Although I've officially been practising for over a year, I often have so much other stuff preoccupying my mind that my spiritual practice gets pushed into the background. Poor health and school work seem to be the main things that diminish my practice, although I say a prayer everyday I want to do more than that and explore other practises and traditions.

4 Plant a veg patch and herb garden. I love gardening as it gets me closer to nature. We grew lots of food at our old house and I loved it so it's definitely something I want to do again.

5 Get more involved in the craft. As my knowledge of herblore increases I want to make my own incense, oils, tinctures and beauty products so that they are personal to me.

6 Exercise more. I guess this is associated to the being more healthy one but again time and injury are the main components as to why I don't exercise enough. As the strength of my back improves I want to go back to horse riding and start yoga again as I love doing it.

At the moment those are my main goals for the coming year, I may add to those or give myself goals for each month but those are the long term ones for the year. What are your resolutions for 2012? I'd love to know :)

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