Sunday, 29 May 2011

Organic Goodness!

I've been really into swapping my everyday skincare and beauty products to those with natural and organic ingredients lately, and have made several purchases from the website Love Lula, (one of which I purchased today.)

It's a UK site that is passionate about selling only pure and natural skincare and beauty products from many different brands. Below is my collection, consisting mainly of Badger Balm products, but not only that, with every purchase over £5 you can add 3 sample products to your shopping basket to try out!

L-R from top row: Sample of Green People OY! Face the Sun SPF15 Moisturiser, Sample of Green People OY! Cleanser and Moisturiser, Sample of Green People OY! Cover and Clear Spot It, Sample of Egyptian Magic Cream, Sample of Trilogy Cleansing Cream, Sample of Suki Creamy Foaming Cleanser. L-R middle row: Badger Hardworking Hand Balm and Muscle Rub Duo, Badger Sleep Balm, Bagder Yoga & Meditation Balm, Badger Tension Soother. L-R bottom row: Badger Cheerful Mind Balm, Badger Clear Mind Balm, Badger Aromatic Chest Rub Balm.

If you're familiar with the Boots Advantage Card system, Love Lula also have a Reward Point's scheme in which you earn 5 points (to the value of 5p) for every £1 you spend, which you can use to buy products as your points mount up!

I intend to do a review of each of these products as well as the samples, and the new order which I will receive in a few days, so until then, Blessed Be! xx

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