Friday, 13 May 2011

Good Morning!

It is now 06.30AM and as I haven't slept due to my terrible hayfever I thought I'd write a post while watching the sun come up :)

If you've come across my blog you're probably wondering about it's title (or not), but I feel like I should explain it anyway. "The Silence Of The Moon" came to me quite naturally when I made a profile. From a young age, before I knew there was a name for what I believed in, I had always been drawn to the moon. If it caught my eye at night or even in the day it made me smile, I'm not entirely sure why, perhaps it's beauty, or that I now know it is representative of the Goddess. I've always wondered about nature and everything that is here. So many people are drawn to the sun, so the "silence" part of the title seemed fitting as like the sun, the moon is always there, but most people don't appreciate it's magnificence or see it enough to appreciate it, so my blog is an ode to the moon and all it's splendour, yay! :)

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