Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012 New Year's Witchy Fitness Challenge Check In: Week 1

So it's been a week and I have to say I'm surprised that I have already lost about half an inch almost everywhere! I wasn't really good on what I was eating but portion sizes were definitely down and I've been drinking as much water as possible. I've been sticking to my exercise plans making sure I did stretches everyday but I didn't get a chance to jog so I'm off to do my intense yoga session (this will be fun :/)

Current Measurements (last weeks measurements in brackets)

Weight  9.12st  (10.0st)
Waist 29.5in (30 in)
Hips 35.5in (36 in)
Bust 35.5in (36in)
Widest Part 39in (39in)
Thighs 21.5in (22in)

I really wasn't expecting this result after only a week but it has encouraged me to continue on my quest to becoming the fittest and healthiest me possible :)

A short post but I've too much studying to do!


  1. you have been tagged!

  2. I'm glad you lost an inch everywhere! Good job girl! :)

  3. Thank you :) I was really surprised! & ooh a tag! Should be fun :)

  4. That is great! Definitlely keeps you motivated when you get such awesome results!!

  5. Excellent! Everyone's posting actual inches lost, I might need to try to find the tape measure again.

  6. Congrats and keep up the awsome work!