Thursday, 12 January 2012

11 Random Things About Me Tag

I got tagged over at My Life As I Know It. This is my first tag, how exciting :) (I've put this into UK spelling)

1. post these rules.
2. you must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
6. no stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ blah blah blah, you legitimately have to tag 11 people!

1 I can easily spend a whole night's "sleep" reading, I often found myself still engrossed in a book when other people in my house were getting up for work.
2 I've gone through a lot in my life for a 17 year old and although I nearly didn't make it I've come out a stronger because of it.
3 My friends always come to me for advice but I am unable to ask for help for myself. I bottle my emotions until I snap which can have horrible effects on my health.
4 I adapt well to new situations. I had to go back a year in school because of illness and didn't know anyone, now I have the best friends imaginable :)
5 I'm a work hard play harder kind of person. Most people in school think I'm quiet and get on with my work and don't think I party as much as the people who brag about it.
6 I need my alone time! I go mad if I'm around people ALL the time. I was the only girl out of three children so learned to be by myself. I enjoy being solitary, my sanity depends on it!
7 I'm fascinated by pretty much everything, the more knowledge I can have of something the better. Once something interests me I have to find all the information on it I can!
8 I am an organ and blood donor, I believe in helping all those I can :)
9 I am mildly allergic to pollen, cat hair, dust and house dust mites and have hyper sensitive airways but incense doesn't affect me :D
10 I play the guitar, piano and used to play the violin. (I wish I didn't quit!) I would love to play the harp.
11 My favourite smells are lavender, petrol and a winter's day when it has been snowing.

11 Questions I Get To Answer:
What is your favourite colour? Why? Green :) I don't really know why, I like earthy and dark colours so hunter green.
What is your favourite band/music? I love music from all different genres but I always come back to Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Ludovico Einaudi & Fleetwood Mac time and time again. I love New Age and Soundtrack music and I'm getting more and more into Pagan Metal.
What is your favourite movie? Why? Oh, it HAS to be The Lord of the Rings Trilogy! I own all three, extended editions of course! The Two Towers is probably my favourite though. I love Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven too. I have a thing for reallllly long movies :) I don't know why, I'm just obsessed, I mean, have you SEEN Viggo & Orli?! who wouldn't want to look at them for 4 hours ;) & have been told I look like Arwen :) ...ahh Liv, she's so lovely.
What is your favourite website? Why? Probably Blogger! I love catching up on all the blogs I follow and get new ideas and perspectives on things :)
What is your favourite time of year? Why? I love Autumn/Winter. I am a Winter baby so it is understandable but I do love the darker part of the year when the air is so cold and crisp, you can really feel Skadi is here :)
What do you do for work? I'm currently a student in my penultimate year at grammar school studying Chemistry, Biology and Psychology... (spot the science nerd!) I was doing English Lit but dropped it in November, I enjoyed it but it was taking up all my time.
Do you have a favourite set of sheets or blanket you love? Why do you love it? My mummy made me a little quilt when I was in a cot and I've had it ever since, I love it, it's so cute, with little patchwork elephants, butterflies, ducks and more :)
Do you have pets? What are they and their names? I have two dogs, three cats, two tropical fish and a kitten (we did have two more but they disappeared :( ). The dogs are a chocolate Labrador/Collie cross called Bailey & a Lhasa Apso called Pippa (she actually has a big long silly name because she's pedigree), then the cats are called Muffin, Buttons & Minnie, and the kitten is called Mog. One of the fish is called Harry the hoover because it's one of those sucker fish that sticks to everything, (they were my mummy's friend's fish).
If you could have any superpower what would it be? This is a really hard one, but probably to be able to absorb information and keep it all. I'm an Aquarius, I'm interested by everything and like having knowledge :) wouldn't mind being able to time travel either :)
What is your favourite food/dish? Sushi! Oh I love sushi :)
What is your favourite drink (alcohol or otherwise)? Earl Grey Tea, nothing but the best :)

11 People I Tag:
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11 Questions For You:

1 Where is your favourite place? Why?
2 How do you like to relax?
3 What is your favourite smell?
4 What are your hobbies?
5 What is your favourite animal? Why?
6 What was your favourite subject at school? Why?
7 What is your favourite book?
8 What was the last thing you ate?
9 What is your favourite computer game?
10 Are you more introverted or extroverted?
11 What is your favourite song?

Leave a link in the comments below when you've done it :) Anyone else who I haven't tagged feel free to do one too :)




  2. love it :) i also am mildly allergic to cats, dogs, dust, pollen, etc... also can spend a whole night reading, i have to make myself go to sleep so i am coherent and nice the next day... and also am fascinated by pretty much everything :) thanks for retagging and doing your post, loved hearing more about you!

    1. It sucks being allergic to life, haha! Thanks for tagging me :)

  3. Hi Hannah! Thanks for tagging me -- I'll start answering your questions soon -- in my own sporadic way. You've asked some interesting ones and I want to do them justice.

    I like Loreena McKennitt too -- she was born in Manitoba, Canada, the same province I'm from.

  4. Time travel, huh? I don't think I know what super power I would like to have. Something to think about...

  5. Thanks for tagging me :)